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Dorset Masonic Care

Dorset Masonic care is a Masonic Charity, originally named The Dorset Masonic Charity, established in 1880 to provide for the education of children of poor or deceased Freemasons of the Province of Dorset and to relieve and assist aged, sick or infirm Freemasons and necessitous widows of Dorset Freemasons.

Today, the Objects of the Charity are primarily to provide support, relief and assistance to Dorset Freemasons, their Widows, and Dependants; and Dependants now living within the Masonic Province of Dorset of non-Dorset Freemasons.

Additionally, the Charity will promote the cause of Masonic Charity within the Masonic Province of Dorset and the Masonic Craft and Holy Royal Arch degrees at large.

DMC will also provide support to, and for the benefit of, Masonic Charities or other charitable institutions or other deserving charitable purposes.


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