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Welcome to Ferndown Lodge

We are one of the fifty lodges which make up the Province of Dorset and we meet in Wimborne Minster, just one of the seventeen meeting venues across the county.

During the early 1960's Ferndown was transformed from a village to a town. Many people moved in from various parts of the country included Freemasons who chose to form their own lodge instead of joining pre-existing Dorset lodges.

Ferndown Lodge was dedicated on 12 September 1962 and has met ever since at the Masonic Hall in Wimborne. The lodge meets 8 times a year on the fourth Wednesday in the months January to May and September to November with meetings starting at 6:00pm.

Originally formed of members living in Ferndown, the Lodge now has members living between West Christchurch and Gillingham including Wimborne Minster.

As well as our regular lodge meetings we have, over the years, held many social functions that have included our wives and families. These have usually included a fun summer BBQ with games and a disco; an annual pre-Christmas dinner followed by a jolly sing along of carols; an informal dinner with entertainment and our annual Ladies Festival to honour our partners, usually a formal dinner dance with a live band.

While enjoying our meetings and companionship we also serve the local community, and a significant strength of the lodge is our charitable giving each year. We have given many thousands of pounds to assist local charities as well as our Masonic charities. All monies are donated by our members at our regular meetings and social events.

Ferndown currently has a wide-ranging age of membership including younger men with families in a variety of occupations. Whilst we believe family and work must always be prioritised masonry can be enjoyable and an important interest alongside.

As with any club or organization there is a joining fee and annual membership cost which we always strive to keep as low as possible as is our dining fee each month when we enjoy an excellent 4 course meal after each meeting.

To become a Freemason a man must be over the age of 21, believe in a supreme being and be a just, upright citizen. The lodge is always delighted to receive new members, both existing Freemasons and those new to Freemasonry.

If you are not currently a Freemason and would like to know more, please contact the lodge either by writing to:
Ferndown Lodge
Wimborne Masonic Hall
Corn Market
BH21 1JL

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