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Welcome to Brit Valley Lodge

Being one of the smaller lodges in the province we pride ourselves as being a very sociable Lodge which has a great reputation for tradition and ritual.

In the late 1960's the lodge was formed to accommodate the increasing numbers of applicants to join freemasonry in the area. Beaminster Manor and St Marys, the two lodges not being able to service the numbers, Beaminster Manor therefore sponsored a new lodge.
The name came from the River Brit which flows between Beaminster and Bridport and is a natural link. The River Brit is incorporated in the lodge emblem.

We meet only 6 times a years, which suits our members busy home and work schedules and is an advantage to potential new members.

The meetings start at 6.30 on the 4th Friday in the month from October through until April, we do not meet in December.

Our membership consists of members ranging from various occupations , including Farmers, Bus Drivers,Divers, mechanics and middle and upper management roles of all ages. We are having an influx of young members with families who work full time and of course our older retired members. We hope for regular attendance from our members however we do fully understand that last minute commitments can occur and warmly welcome members who can only attend after the meetings start. There are 2 parts to a meeting, early evening in the temple and the sociable meal known as the festive board. Freemasonry being 3rd in line after family and work, after all it is a hobby!

We are always fully supportive of any member wishing to progress through the Offices of the Lodge, however we do not pressurise brethren wishing to take a slower of pace.

To become a Freemason you must be over 21, believe in a supreme being be a good man, honest, sociable and pro-active. At Britvalley there are no hidden agendas, just good men trying to make themselves better whilst serving the community at large and enjoying themselves at the same time.

It may be that you are already a Freemason and are now seeking a new Lodge in Dorset, our warm welcome and support would be the same.

We warmly welcome anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry and visiting members from other lodges.

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