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Welcome to Brownsea Island Lodge

The Lodge is one of forty nine in the Province of Dorset and was granted its Warrant by the United Grand Lodge of England on 11th November 1998 and subsequently Consecrated on 27th March 1999. Freemasonry dates back beyond the foundation of the first Grand Lodge in 1717 and Brownsea Island Lodge is therefore quite a recent Lodge with regards to Freemasonry.

Our Lodge is welcoming to those with a charitable heart. It was Founded by Freemasons with a Scouting heritage and is mostly made up of members, former members and supporters of Scouting and other uniformed youth organisations. The Lodge has at its central core a theme of Scouting and the left hand of friendship is used as a greeting by Lodge members as a reminder of our antecedents.

The Lodge holds Regular Meetings five times a year at Wareham Masonic Hall, Howards Lane, Wareham, Dorset, after which we dine together. There are several social events throughout the year, where family, friends and others that are not Freemasons are especially welcomed.

The Brethren of the Lodge have a wide range of ages and work place backgrounds. All are encouraged to take an active role in Lodge matters, where support is readily available to all who wish to progress within the Lodge itself and within Freemasonry in general.

We are also a member of the Kindred Lodges Association (KLA), which brings together Lodges from across England and Wales that are involved in supporting youth groups.

Each year the Lodge will choose a specific local Charity, to be supported by means of charitable donations raised at Lodge events.

Our Ideal Candidates
The ideal Candidates for our Lodge will share our values and have a wish to become better people through Freemasonry and in doing so render themselves a more valuable member of society in general.

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