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Amphibious Merchandise

This is where we will be promoting items bearing the distinctive Amphibious brand, which you can purchase. All proceeds from sales will be going towards the Worshipful Master's charity or another nominated charity

Amphibious Mug

Here we have a quality mug, an essential addition for those who just love a cuppa. Our Worshipful Master says that this mug will improve the taste of your tea by at least 117%!

For just £6.00 this is a worthwhile addition to your crockery so don't stop at one, why not buy two. To purchase just contact Rod Playford at

Amphibious Napkin

These 22' (56cm) square, pure linen napkins are now available with our own logo and personalised for you, all for the pricely sum of £13.00 with £3.00 of that going to the Master's charity for the year. To order yours just contact Tony Haslam on

Amphibious Cufflinks and Pin Set

A beautiful set of cuff links and pin, all with the Amphibious logo embossed, have been made to our high standard of finish. The complete set are just £20.00, £4.00 of which goes to the Master's charity for the year.

These are available to order from Tony Haslam on so drop Tony a line and order yours today!

Amphibious sailing shirt

Here's the latest addition to our branded product range. A top quality sailing shirt in finest linen and displaying our embroidered lodge logo. These are available in all sizes and are selling fast for just £29.00, part of which goes to the Master's charity for the year.

To get yours just email Tony Haslam at

Amphibious photos

We're now able to offer printed copies of photographs taken by our Lodge Media Officer and other avid photographers in the Lodge. As well as the group photos taken at the May meeting, if there's a particular photo you'd like taken just get in touch and we'll see what can be arranged. That's groups or individuals, in regalia or not.

Sizes can be 6 x 4 - 7 x 5 - 8 x 6 - 10 x 8 or 12 x 8

Costs will obviously reflect the size of the print and a small donation to the Worshful Master's charity will be included.

For your comemorative photo just contact

Amphibious Baseball Caps

Here's the latest edition to our growing list of products to show your support for Amphibious, a beautifully embroidered baseball cap with our logo and 9050 on the front.
Fully adjustable to ensure a great fit and Of really good quality cotton. These are being sold at a very reasonable cost of £15.00 each, with any profit going towards our Worshipful Master's fund.
To order yours, just contact Tony Haslam on

Amphibious Face Covers

Like the Amphibious Baseball Caps, we now have a supply of top quality double layer cotton face covers. These are embroidered with our Lodge logo and are ready to order now.

These quality face covers have been priced at a reasonable £8.00 each, of which at least £1.50 will go towards the Worshipful Master's fund. You can order yours by contacting our ADC and Secretary of the Lodge of Instruction, Terry Fulller on or +447535037142


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