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For Lodge L1266 - Honour and Friendship.

1266 Farmers night a great success

The Lodge of Honour and Friendship, number 1266, held its annual Farmers Night on Tuesday the 5th September 2017.

Our normal meeting, in which we looked back on our first farmers night held in 1964 was followed by a festive board of gammon and a charity auction where we auction off produce for charity.

A fabulous total of over £1000 was raised, of which part will be donated to The Blandford Fashion Museum.

The members and visitors to the lodge showed their normal generosity and bid on and donated plenty of marrows to one of our regular visitors. We are not entirely sure what he does with them all, but he seemed pretty happy with his haul!

Thank you to all members and visitors for a great evening, hope to see you again next year.


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